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Donna Matrazzo has been writing award-winning film and print productions for more than twenty years. She has worked as a copywriter, staff writer for Fisher Scientific Company, and freelance writer and editor serving clients as diverse as the U.S. Geological Survey, City of Portland Parks and Recreation, Plains Indian Museum and Yellowstone National Park. Her creations -- from pioneer sagas to volcano eruptions to shark births -- are viewed by thousands each year. She has been invited as far away as New Zealand to teach writing workshops and is the author of a writing textbook and the feature film screenplay The Evening Land.


Advocates for Women in Science, Engineering and Mathematics (AWSEM), "In their Nature: Compelling Reasons to Engage Girls in Science"
Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, "Journey of the Tiglax"
Cabrillo National Monument, "Marvels of the Tidepools"
Columbia River Maritime Museum, "The Great River of the West"
Encounter Video, "The Story of America's Canyon Country"
Garden Design magazine, "Wetland Redux: Tanner Springs Park"
Grand-Staircase-Escalante National Monument, "Traces in Time: The Outdoor Laboratory of GSENM," (Visitor Center film) "Ask the Experts"
Henry Cowell State Park, "Giants in the Mists"
Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership, "Lower Columbia River Water Trail"
Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership, "Water Trail Maps and Guides"
Mount St. Helens Visitor Center, "The Cycle of Chaos and Creation"
Oregon Coast Aquarium, "Journey of the Raindrop," "Graceful Giants: Gray Whales of the North Pacific," "Myth of the Man-Eaters: The Sharks of the Oregon Coast," "Flights of Fancy: Seabirds of the Oregon Coast"
Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, "Dunes!"
Science Spectrum, Lubbock, TX, "Brazos River Journey"
South Slough National Estuarine Reserve, "Tide of the Heron"
U.S. Forest Service, "The Call of the Woods, "Making the Most of our Lands"
U.S. Geological Survey, "The California Sea Otter Story"
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Yellowstone National Park, Concept Design, Canyon Visitor Center
Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve, "Heart of the Wild"


Advanced Warming Systems: "Occupational Hazards of the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit," "SafeCircuit," "Warm Touch: The New Warmth in Critical Care"
American Dietetic Association, "High Energy Eating," "Eating on the Run," "Healthy Eating for the Whole Family," "Healthy Weight, Healthy You, "Nutrition at the Supermarket," Quick and Easy Lowfat Meals," "Herbs and Spices/Salt Alternative," "Kids, Cholesterol and Weight"
Apotheus Laboratories: "Apotheus Air Care Source Control System: Nurse Training"
ASPAN Conference, "Air Safety Risks in the Perianesthesia Care Unit: A Review of Current Literature"
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Fisher Scientific Company: "Laboratory Safety/Starring Jack Klugman"
Mosby-Great Performance Health and Wellness Series, "Back Strength and Fitness," "High Blood Pressure," "Fitness," "Weight Management," "Smoking," "Stress Management," "Cholesterol Control"
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North Dakota Department of Human Services, "Making it Safe: Preparing Food for the Elderly."
Scott Laboratories, "Children and the Ethics of Pain Care,""Conscious Sedation: In the Words of Anesthesiologists" "What the Physicians Say: Research for the Vigilant Care System"
SmithKline Beecham, "A Day in the Life of a Simply Better Company"
St. Vincent Hospital, "Heart to Heart: Your Surgery at St. Vincent Hospital"
U.S. Bancorps/American Red Cross: "Liquid Gold: The Gift of Donating Blood"
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City of Portland Planning Bureau, "River Renaissance: The Riches of a City River"
City of Portland School District/Northwest Film Center, "Alien Invaders"
Delta Airlines, "Water Ways: A Clear Look at Cleaner Water"
Forest Discovery Center, "Forest Adventure," "World Forest Journey," "Underwater Explorer"
Icewalk Expedition, "Adventure in the High Arctic," "How Fragile These Frozen Seas," "The Storm of Acid Snow," "The Amazing Vanishing Ozone," "A Habitat Turned Hothouse"
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Metro Parks and Greenspaces, seven Greenspaces stories; Sandy River Delta: A Wild River Reborn"
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National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, "Reel Cowgirls," "Into the Saddle," "Great Rides," "Ranch Women"
Durham Western Heritage Museum, "Landscape of Promise: The Omaha Story" (work in progress)
End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center
Herbert Hoover National Historic Site, "Adventures and Great Undertakings: Herbert Hoover's Childhood at West Branch"
Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center at Ft. Canby, WA, "Of Dreams and Discovery: Lewis & Clark's Arrival at the Pacific"
McDougal/Littell/Houghton-Mifflin, "A Rebel Born: Mary Chesnut and the Civil War," "Walk in Two Worlds: Zitkala-Sa and the Indian Boarding Schools, "Heart of the Holocaust: The Story of Gerda and Kurt Klein"
Mission Mill Museum, "Threads of Time"
Orchard Productions, "The Everyday Philanthropist"
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Panhandle Plains Historical Museum, "People of the Plains"
PBS, "Great Lodges of the National Parks: Glacier Park"
PBS, "Legendary Lighthouses: Lighthouses of Alaska"
PBS, "America's History in the Making" series: Unit 2, "Colonization and Settlement," Unit 3, "Colonial Designs "
Plains Indian Museum, Cody, Wy,"Earth Lodge," "Seasons of Life, ""Buffalo Stories," " Log Cabin," "Migration" "Tipis."
Roger Williams National Memorial, Providence, R.I., "Soul Liberty: The Legacy of Roger Williams"
National Steinbeck Center, "Steinbeck: Experimenter, Philosopher, Traveler, Writer"
U.S.A. Refugee Project, "Here to Help, "In a Strange Land,", "Culture Clash," "Most of All, Freedom"
Wabash County Museum, "Wabash County: A Journey Through Time"
Yosemite National Park, "Yosemite: Cathedral of Stone"


Bachelor of Arts, Journalism major, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA
MFA candidate, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA


  • Audubon Society of Portland, Volunteer and Activist, 1980s-present
  • Bodyvox Dance, Usher, 2002-present
  • Bybee Howell Territorial Park Master Plan, Citizen Advisory Committee, 1996-7
  • Lower Columbia River Water Trail, Advisory Committee Member, 2001-present
  • NOLS, trained as Wilderness First Responder, 1999, recertified, 2001
  • Northwest Discoveries, Sea Kayak Guide, 2001-2003
  • Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Sauvie Island Wildlife Area
  • Management Plan, Citizen Advisory Committee, 1992-3
  • Oregon Media Production Association, Member
  • Oregon Ocean Paddling Society, Co-founder and Member, 1983-present
  • Performing Arts Center, Usher and Volunteer, 2003-present
  • Portland Parks and Recreation, Volunteer Outdoor "Wild in the City" and
    Great Blue Heron Week Trip Leader, 1990-present
  • Sauvie Island Conservancy, Co-founder and Key contact person, 1989-present
  • Sauvie Island-Multnomah Channel Management Plan, Citizen Advisory
    Committee, 1996-7
  • White Bird Dance, Usher, 2002-present
  • Women on Water, Member, 2002-present

Certified by the State of Oregon WBE (Women Business Enterprise) and ESB (Emerging Small Business) programs

Member: National Association of Science Writers, Northwest Independent Editors Guild
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