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"Donna Matrazzo is an exceptional writer. From concept to completion Donna uses extraordinary organizational skills combined with a flair for simplifying complex technical information. Her unique ability to assemble engaging and exciting stories from what seem to be a nebulae of disconnected facts always boggles my mind. Working with Donna gives me the confidence that the production I'm working on will be of the highest calibre."

Stephen Wessells, U.S. Geological Survey

"It's nice for people who aren't storytellers to get help from people who are. The piece you wrote for our newsletter -- I got so many people saying, 'That was the greatest story!' We've told that story ourselves but it doesn't come across as well as when you add your creativity."
Jayne Cronlund, Executive Director, Three Rivers Land Conservancy

"You've been delightful, open-minded, full of new ideas, and you did a lot of work to help get us a great product."
Jennifer Thompson, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

"We receive lots and lots of positive compliments daily about the movie you wrote the script for."
Betsey Ellenbroek, Education Director, Columbia River Maritime Museum

"The Willamette River Guide is jumpin'-off-a-rope-swing-arms-flailin'-divin'-head-first-into-the-mighty-Willamette-laughin'-out-loud awesome!"
David Primozich, Willamette Basin Projects

"Donna has done a remarkable job, working tirelessly with our authors and reviewers to translate scientific and technical jargon into language the rest of us can understand. Compared to others doing this, Donna's work is excellent, at the top. She went above normal expectations in all respects. It has been a pleasure to work with her."
Mike Cloughesy, Director of Forestry, OFRI (Oregon Forest Resources Institute)

"Wow. This [earthquake story] is great. It is amazing how you absorbed so much and have woven it into a compelling story."
Dr. Mary Lou Zobeck, Senior Scientist, U.S. Geological Survey

"The City of Portland sought a creative writer to draft a preface that would summarize a body of complex material in a clear, succinct and yet engaging manner. We looked to scriptwriter Donna Matrazzo because we wanted someone who could convey a compelling and evocative picture through words. She drew text and concepts from technical documents and wove together a wonderful story that captured the essence of the economic, environmental and recreational issues and challenges related to Portland's Willamette River."
Sallie Edmunds, River Planning Manager & Deborah Stein, Environmental Planning Manager, City of Portland, Bureau of Planning

"Donna can capture and describe the inherent qualities and uniqueness of a place in a very short amount of space, with words that make you feel like you're there, or want to be! She's a breeze to work with, timely, responsive, and focused on quality and client happiness.
Chris Hathaway, Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership.

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