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Portfolio: Nature and Natural History

Furnace Creek Visitor Center Interactive Map and four films
Project. Furnace Creek Visitor Center Interactive Map and four films
Client. Death Valley National Park, Las Vegas, Nevada

The interactive orientation map features 24 hot spot locations with descriptions for half-day and full-day excursions. Films include From Shifting Sands to Racing Rocks, Aquifers and Pupfish, Why the Extreme Climate? and The Timbisha Shoshone.
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Under a Desert Sky
Project. Under a Desert Sky
Client. Great Basin National Park

The park's main Visitor Center film, designed to "help people fall in love with the place." The film emphasizes the natural and cultural features of the vast 200,000 square mile Great Basin region.
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Journey of the Tiglax
Project. Journey of the Tiglax
Client. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, Homer, Alaska

The Tiglax embarks on an adventure with daring scientists on a U.S. Fish & Wildlife research vessel to the far Aleutian Islands, a remote and stormy place, where they encounter millions of seabirds, and work up close with marine mammals including sea lions, walrus and whales. (12-minute Visitor Center version and 30- minute gift shop version)
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Graham Oaks Nature Park
Project. Graham Oaks Nature Park
Client. Metro Parks and Greenspaces

Nine 3 ft. x 5 ft. interpretive panels feature the natural and cultural history of this new park. Metro Sustainability Center director Jim Desmond wrote that "The interpretive signage at Graham Oaks is the best we've ever done."
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Wetland Redux
Project. Wetland Redux
Client. Garden Design Magazine

A short, sweet piece for one of my favorite magazines about one of my favorite parks -- City of Portland's Tanner Springs Park
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Where Rivers Meet: Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve
Project. Where Rivers Meet: Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve
Client. National Park Service, Alaska Natural History Association

A film about the Yukon and Charley Rivers, shown in visitor centers in Fairbanks and Eagle, Alaska. The story covers the rivers' geographic scope, history, geology, Native inhabitants, subsistence lifestyles, wildlife and recreational experiences.
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Great River of the West
Project. Great River of the West
Client. Columbia River Maritime Museum, Astoria, Oregon

A film that creates an experience of the immensity and importance of the mighty Columbia, and the treacherous Bar where it meets the ocean. It's portrayed as a river highway for trade, from the legendary times of the fur traders through sternwheelers to today's barges and enormous ocean-going cargo ships.
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Brazos River Journey
Project. Brazos River Journey
Client. Science Spectrum, Lubbock TX

A three-part film that celebrates the Brazos from its headwaters in the High Plains to its mouth in the Gulf of Mexico by introducing people to its diverse wildlife, playas, history and landscape.
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A World Forest Adventure
Project. A World Forest Adventure
Client. Forest Discovery Center, Portland, Oregon

The Center's main theme is sustaining our global forests. This story, filmed in forests around the world including China, Russia and Africa, aims at making people aware of the extent and variety of forests worldwide, and efforts that are being made in response to global challenges.
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Willamette River Water Trail Map and Guide
Project. Willamette River Water Trail Map and Guide
Client. The Mid-Willamette River Connections Group

A guide to a 35-mile stretch of river that includes history, safety, paddling opportunities and mile-by-mile information, printed on waterproof Poly Art. Ten thousand free copies of this 24-page guide have been distributed.
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Tide of the Heron
Project. Tide of the Heron
Client. South Slough National Estuarine Reserve, Coos Bay, Oregon

A film that examines the estuary ecology from uplands to marsh, tide flats to ocean. Along the way it takes a close-up look at herons, cougars, bobcats and a host of migratory birds, insects and plants.
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On the Edge of Land and Sea
Project. On the Edge of Land and Sea
Client. National Park Service, Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego, California

A film designed to inspire wonderment and enthusiasm for this magnificent tidepool and rocky intertidal ecosystem, and instill a sense of stewardship.
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Sea of Green: The Story of the Tillamook Forest
Project. Sea of Green: The Story of the Tillamook Forest
Client. Oregon Department of Forestry

A film that tells the incredible saga of the devastating 400-square-mile fires of the 1930s, how the forest was experimentally replanted over decades, and the stewardship entailed in managing the immense forest today. It was used in fund-raising for a $12 million Visitor Center.
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 Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary
Project. Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary
Client. The Audubon Center at Riverlands

A film for the Riverlands Orientation Center near St. Louis, Missouri, designed to inspire exploration and appreciation of the sanctuary. The story includes an introduction to the Mississippi Flyway, habitat conservation work, and the extraordinary numbers of birds that migrate there.
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Wild in the City (contributing author)
Project. Wild in the City (contributing author)
Client. Oregon Historical Society Press, Audubon Society of Portland

A best-selling guide to the region's natural areas. Contributing pieces include five sections on the history, parks, trails, natural areas and recreational opportunities on Sauvie Island.
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Columbia River Water Trail Guide
Project. Columbia River Water Trail Guide
Client. Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership

A map and guide series, currently in the design process, that covers a 140-mile stretch of the lower Columbia River. Includes descriptions of the river and seven reaches, trip recommendations, stewardship, invasive species, river etiquette, safety, equipment checklist, hazards, and dozens of cultural and historical sites.
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Project. eNews
Client. Oregon Forest Resources Institute

OFRI transformed its regular communications from a quarterly black/white 8-page newsletter to this monthly eNews. I wrote or co-wrote many of the issues.
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